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Extreme Couponing

dc's teflondon
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anybody ever watch that 🤬 ....people be getting $1000 worth of groceries for $10...🤬 make me want to coupon; but i don't want to be buying a bunch of 🤬 ....them people never have any fruit or vegetables


  • arbitration
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    Damn, I need to check for this one then
  • Nthngis4vr
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    I already clipped coupons but that show really got me remembering to bring them 🤬 to the store, and strategize my shopping more.

    Most of those people made out because of store coupons and if the store doubles manufactuer coupons. Not too many stores in So Cal do that so I wasnt gonna try to extreme coupon. But, my homeboy & his girl got $255 worth of stuff for $50 - $60.
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    i needa get up on this.....
  • American.Loo
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    i never seen the show but im familiar with the concept

    some lady was doing it in front of me at target, she saved at least $150

    took long as 🤬 tho
  • sun03
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    Its a full-time job for these folks...
  • The_Recruiter
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    Saw it. 🤬 is extreme.

    cant front...it made me want to do it. 600 bucks worth of 🤬 for like 8 bucks. i was like "wtf and i'm spending all this money and they getting alllll this 🤬 for under 20 bucks? i'm getting jacked"
  • American.Loo
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    sun03 wrote: »
    Its a full-time job for these folks...

    it HAS to be

    the amount of money they save is like working a part time job.
  • im_lux
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    my 🤬 watch that 🤬 had her clippin coupons like crazy...but I tried to tell her clipping coupons doesn't make sense to me when the coupons be of 🤬 you wouldn't have bought anyway. unless it's for meat coupons don't have the really GOOD 🤬 on em that much. or they'll be like "you'll save 1 dollar if you buy this product and that product together" and it's like "well 🤬 I don't want the second one so why don't i just buy the first and not buy the second and just save the whole 4 bucks."

    To go extreme couponing you have to be ready to eat things you don't care for eating. But the people that do that 🤬 will never ever go hungry. Cool way to shop if you like saving money but it's a lot of work and preparation.