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Best Lupe.......

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Album? F & L or The Cool? IMO I hate to choose but imma go with The Cool...weigh in..


  • Rozetta5tone
    Rozetta5tone Don't quote me bro Right hereMembers Posts: 4,506 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Food & Liquor simply because it was raw hiphop and had some of the best lyrics at the time.
  • Carlos Bruise-Her
    Carlos Bruise-Her Banned Users Posts: 925
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    Food and Liquor. Production on the original version is top 5 album production Ive ever heard
  • makaveli4ever
    makaveli4ever Members Posts: 826
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    F & L but as time went on it became closer then I thought it would be. I cant wait for Lasers.
  • 1of1
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    Food & Liquor edges The Cool by a small margin. It was a little more consistent in my opinion. Damn near perfect if he would have kept the original version of "Pressure" (w/o Jay Z). The fact that "Streets on Fire,"Dumb it Down, "Gotta Eat," and "Hip Hop Saved my Life" are on The Cool makes this a hard choice but a couple songs on the album were misses.
  • just.might.b.ok
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    The Cool is more listeneable than F&L
  • biggar
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    Food and Liquor.

    Hurts me soul, and American Terrorist against everything on The Cool.

    The Cool is crazy though

    Lupe in 2010
  • BigMonty
    BigMonty Members Posts: 20
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    I Know itz an old freestyle but switch its so far beyond most other rappers
  • rory-boombastic
    rory-boombastic Members Posts: 6
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    The Cool for me, I loved the whole concept and story 2 the album, plus Hip-Hop Saved my Life is 1 of my favourite tracks
  • ItzGravitation
    ItzGravitation Members Posts: 7,205
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    they're even to me
    the Cool was great because the concept plus the Coolest, Little Weapon, and Streets on Fire
    but FNL was good because of American Terrorist, Daydreaming, and The Cool
    both great albums
    i bought them both on the same day
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