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UK Hip Hop Duo (Leddie and Smoggy)

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We go by the name "Leddie & Smoggy" ...

LED/Leddie is a female Hip Hop artist, and Smoggy is a male Hip Hop artist ... We are two positive, intellectual Uk Hip Hop artists from Middlesbrough, UK, and were currently writing our debut album, which is due to drop later this year.

We've performed all over the UK and have had the privilege to support some of the UK's biggest artists such as; Logical and Lowkey, Magda Sinit, Chester P, Big Cakes, The Krafstmen, Kasha, 3Face, Kalldean, Stig and Dr Syntax, Skinnyman and Dj Fever (to name a few). We were also personally Invited by Lowkey to perform, and share the stage, with 'Mongrel' (Lowkey, Jon McClure, Andy Nicholson, Drew McConnell) and 'Pariz-1'; on their 'Long Live Palestine' Tour and have also Supported "The King Blues", Reviewed as "The best live band in britain" By Kerrang, Performing At respected Middlesbrough venues such as; Middlesbrough Empire and The Arena.

We'd appreciate it if you could give our tracks a listen, Even if they arent particularly your cup of tea, which are taken from our FREE Mix CD; "The Calm Before the Storm" Available from; www.leddieandsmoggy.bandcamp.com

Please show your support by subscribing to our youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.

"The Bitter Taste ..." - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zw5TlwRuDo
Thanks for reading this.


Leddie & Smoggy x