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Soviet Residue on the Elephant- Inspired by J Dilla: Workinonit

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Health care regulations, critical times a facing
lacing the poison for the world to be tasting
drape with blood of the past passionate
ego driven maniacs 50 style regiment
hesitant to push the button to end all residence
duck and cover turtle telling my fore fathers
to represent
the enemy is living wrongfully
but in his eye hes living comfortably
everybody enjoying the recipe
medicine meanwhile 90ish we trying to concur
we celebrating the demise but to our surprise
opportunity is lacking but America isn't slacking
poking daggers and red flags at the enemies
Cuba dissing us because we coming over there
need help, need work, we sick, we hurt
but yet them poor rich folks smirk and blow kisses
at babies maybe try to fix the injuries thats occurring
Katrina to fema off deems to fix the process
we elect in 08 and we demolish
i use to be on the red but don't smile at the main chimp
that won in 00 and 04 because of Ohio and Show me states
yet i can relate to his changing focus
Chrohns diease have me at ease with bills
trying to chill but how i can pay this and pay them
i'm paying for my sins of being sick with the symptoms
meanwhile my family is stricken by the symptom of income
jobs lost from 08 to beyond the regular
brother brother needs loans no funding available
we lacking morals while they yelling and rebelling
the flag is a burning ignited by reunited turf
of americans brown, black, white, tan, green and orange
tv a flicking pain is distant in the eyes of the devils
that telling us that this is trouble
the american institution of forefathers
told us that we need to be patriotic not communist
but 🤬 🤬 trying to tell us that we need to be all for one
and coexist
imagine going to the hospital without feeling the wrath of a pre exist
i lit my cigar black n mild preference
flip the bird after the week when the bill got demolished
watch anarchy rage in the cage
and streets of blood spreading like a jungle in a maze
amazed that we the people lost credibility
and the "american people" form a reality
🤬 have mercy on those that are suffering
from the real commies that spread capitalist lies

welcome to the real deception
red vs blue

what set you riding with fool