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Beanie Sigel Poetry

PapaJuice Banned Users Posts: 435
edited March 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
When I was five years old, I realized it was a road
But at the end, I ain't seen lots of pots of gold
I seen a long cell block, the box, the hold
Six hundred fenced in - some innocent, some rotten souls
Some men with men - stop it, whoa
I ain't runnin up in 🤬 but a broad on her back
Tryin to cop a small hammer, move out like +Shawshank+
with +Redemptions+, I got my mind on revenges
They tryin to 🤬 me at the same time keep me alive
I'm movin out like Adebisi on +Oz+
With my skully on tilt, two whacks in my palm
Posted up in the yard, everyday I think of pokin the guard
Throw a 🤬 a 🤬 turnin me in
Tryin to 🤬 a 🤬 turnin me thin
Food soakin in lard, news fools get opened in cards
with (??), in this prison life, what you livin like?

My hair was knotty then
Nose- snotty then
sweats, no pockets then
sweatin', no problems then
facts? Off the 🤬 then
News? Watchin karate then...
Muddas playin double dutch,
she was hop-scotchin' then
Me- Girl watchin' then
Crooked little eye. (eye)
🤬 -back, tryna 🤬 that
yes I (I)
Couldn't play because I'm poo
They thought I was mockin them
Said I was devilish
Been knew I was rotten then
Been dropped out,
neva really clockin' in
Been dropped out,
Neva really stoppin' in...
tryna lock me out
Tryna lock me in
Damn, Devilish one with Pellet-guns,
Grew from,
Sling-shotin' them, (uh)
To sling-shootin' them
Dice all day,
Kept hook shot-
Nice all day
Right hook fight
Nice all day
🤬 left for a night
To keep money Right all day
Break a night all day

I see a kids hair -knotty now..
They nose -snotty now
So what I do,
I try to turn they frown around
I make 'em smile a day
If only for a -while a day
I give them dollar-day
That's my ghetto -holliday
I must say for myself
I'm feelin proud today,
My life is shaped
Like I run about a mile a day
I dedicate this to the one's that
counted me out
And looked at me down
Just look at me now.

When the clouds turn gray behind sunstage, you got to experience the storms like me in the... Rain, bay don't worry if it... Rains, To experience joy you got to feel a bit of pain, holmes things goin get better tell me can you stand a little bit of... Rain, I be your bridge when it... Rains.
Remember kids who run the block
You never thought they would get harmed
Only time our block got wet was when the sprinklers were on
Think about that time dawg that wasn't long
Now that we got kids think when we was born
Coming up in my hood was hard
Every day my mom cooked with lard
🤬 up I couldn't feed myself
Living life no means of wealth
Eating 🤬 I can't believe myself
That's not a joke
Man I was dealt these cards and I played dem out
Yeah the road was rough but I made a route
Now picture running extension cords from your neighbor's house
To get lights, 🤬 Max on the latest routes
Used to close my eyes try to fade it out
Dumb 🤬 in the hood think I made it out
Man that showed me just where they mental at
And tell me half of these cats ain't been through jack