What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.


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just sum 🤬 i been really feelin dat i wanna get off ma chest

bigger than transportin ki's, jumpin off bridges n climbin off trees
inside more menacin than outside with the trees n the white tees
shock of yo life blood pumping, while nostalgic oldies bumpin
dyin 2 live n livin 2 die, some call it runnin, i say its me coming
bust like a pipe under pressure from the stress, life's a mess
gotta go off n leave, death is certain, every breathe i take is a last 2 breathe
and life is not, plan my ways 2 get got, either it's a bloodclot or i'm getting shot
I'ma go, i'ma go, i'ma go, it's the end of the show
like a bridge you jumpover on the other side you crossover
🤬 one with tha 🤬 gun
two cling, right before it's lost everything
3 i pull it, 🤬 yo life instantly with the bullet
hell i raise, fires turns 2 a roaring blaze
reality altered with the purple haze
losin yo mind while in tha slammer, bloodythirsty with the hammer
everyone a killa
everyone on the brink
it's the course we take with no remose
it's the unleashed force
all inside us ready 2 bust
feel me if ya know me, 2 resurrect old homies
broken chain of commands it's not you who should show me
i speak for me n those that came before me
life is a pool of curses like a prisoners story
white is black
n black is white
wrong is right
and right is wrong
like rodney said "cant we all get along?"
overdriven like kody consumed by hate, critics say it's too late
on the edge of the seat like thriller
i'm a killa