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I get frowned upon cause I aint with a religion
well most of yall dont see the 🤬 with religion
See I believe in a 🤬 but I aint associated, no muslim, no christian
Whats wrong with it? Most wars, the inquisistions
the crusades
9/11, arranged marriages to minors, the hatred and no freedom toward 🤬
girl schools burned, witch burnings, the KKK
And yall agree with doin that? the 🤬 yall say
the oppression of women, ethnic cleansing, even honor 🤬
human sacrafice, suicide bombings, condoning slavery
the systematic 🤬 of children,
are you 🤬 for real man
religion? If thats religion then im glad I aint tied down
The jesus story was retold 2,000 years after the first died down
Read the bible the quaron and half the 🤬 thats really sins
makes my sins nothin compared to what sinnin really is
started off when i seen a history special bout somethin I was close with
They changed the ten commandments and yall dont know it
Original ten commandments said 🤬 should have no image
now every church got a image of your 🤬 in it
Even stem cell research is frowned upon its considered gods job
yall act as if saving lives aint a humans real job
I dont use it as an excuse to cause problems
but the pope went to africa and told the country with the worst aids its a sin to use condoms
Show me proof and Ill accept it, respect it, repend with whos inside
but the bible was wrote 7,000 years after Jesus died
Not by 🤬 not by jesus himself, but "prophets" high on 🤬
ask the vatican why scrolls were left out of them
If anything the oldest religion would be the right one
but its naw 🤬 that Im pickin the one I like son
If the dark ages didnt occur it woulda been gone instantly
cause most the stories can be proved wrong scientifically
1,000 years of advacement lost cause 🤬 shunned it?
Well I think 🤬 should want us to thrive and love it
not "oh they made life better and im mad so 🤬 it"
I aint tryin to change your way im just statin the facts
but I know most on yall will start hatin on that
before you judge I did my studyin and converted from a christian
cause I dont agree with 98% of the 🤬 with em
your preachers likely 🤬 more kids than women
And you'll agree its wrong but in the bible it aint mentioned
so already you christian, and disagreein with the bible, thats conflictin
If not you a sick 🤬 for believin in rapin a child
Yall actin as if prayin to 🤬 gone save yall issues
you cant pray away global warmin and all those issues
Religious views put locks on certain research for new medicines
Curin cancer aint worth it just leave two dead again
Are yall serious I mean damn, Yall better hope that Im wrong
cause too many are doin nothin just hopin and coastin along
we need to change this research 🤬 thats life saving
not burn virgins cause you believe that jesus will save them
Virgins dont await you before allah save ya life my 🤬
and mary was his wife dumb 🤬


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    man you went in with this piece....i feel the same way about religion with people joining different sides like gangs...using the bible for their own deeds and not really believing in his true purpose....its all spiritually and the purpose of not believing in man but believing in 🤬 ...you hit it home with the 10 commandment line and other lines that would make those that are so strongly religious to take recognition...i was going to write about this topic but you took the words out of my mouth lol...good work....keep dropping the truth belong modern day recognition called poetry my fellow poet

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    just gotta have faith, no need to join religions, im totally with you...

    This piece was much needed, and thanks for sharing yo! preciated.