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Kanye West - Wiz of Oz (wiz khalifia subliminal diss)

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Kanye been in the game for a minute,
made a lot chickens into famous 🤬 , new renaisance living
called 808 a turkey, but that base bump hard and they thanks im giving
styling in expensive linen, big paris boats, in cannes with 100 thou on my arm
no i lied half a mill just to tell the time, still they hate
no blood diamonds on my roley face, in the studio portraits of andy warhol
Jay like damn 'Ye you hard ball' im like im the new eyes of popular culture
but cant find a wife from these birds, so i started dating vultures
took my 🤬 of the curb, making living of the words out the voice box
so how can they say i lost, how can they say i aint got heat like the holocaust
no disrespect, and as for wiz khlaifia your 🤬 spending what i left
how she got no hair on her head, but the 🤬 unkept
lighting doobie and sess, no more pole dancing
and thats the same sloppy seconds you romancing
come on, GQ called me handsome, made a living off the oomp bop like hanson
so forgive my circumstances, but i dont circum to where they standing
Ye, a champion like cassius clay
and still all the succes i dont rap about pay, im paid
with that lambo spider purple kool-aid, chicago's new hiphop hooray
titter heeeey, kanye titter huuuuuuuh
Okaaaay, good music till i see the good grave