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straight jacket rhymes-part uno

jayy.prime Members Posts: 22
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[if you don't recognize the style..its thajuiciest of course ;] comments appreciated... ;]

blindly inspired
grabbed the pen with hesitation
like this hand wasn't mine
like these words weren't my own
its been so damn long
well nothing much has changed
turned 21, so i'm a legal alcoholic now
my addiction to sex..doesn't surpass
the addiction to percs....oxys....the whole works..
i haven't wrote in so long, its like paralysis has set in
my mind aint mine
im slipping behind the race
and things are getting blurry..
the ins and outs are killing my sanity
so im accepting crazy life
daily hallucinations..my eyes twitch
to his face
my hand reaches for it
and just as quick
its gone
🤬 climbing on the walls
i hear my name being called...
but is that even my name?
or is that even a voice?
where am i?
is what i ask..
no answer..
i'm trying to stay up
but im falling
and when theres no arms to catch you
it makes the fall tougher
the road rougher
these drugs have me turning into jay number 2
and the verbal abuse..
i dont even know whos who
who i am..or who he is..who i missed..
who i need..who i love..who i believe
i'm running from the ghosts
while slamming into new enemies..
jumping over spiked gates
trying to get to HE...
but he's as lost as I am
so how much good could come to thee?
i'm begging please..
struggling in this jacket
eyes rolling..don't know which way is backwards
but the fact is
the tactless, intellect, bastard
is less then she was yesterday..
dying slowly
of a broken heart ..along with too many other things..
but lord just give me whats still mine....this poetry.


  • ckfree
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    I'm not claiming to be an authority on what's dope. I'm just saying though, this is

    keep at it
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    you still got it..and as time progress you let it grow into better....you taking me to a place with this piece that most are pretty much going through...trials, tribulations, lost and hoping to be found...poetry is the weather to open the dusty clouds that is life and add some rain to a imperfect setting to make that 🤬 perfected...bottom line good work as always...keep dropping those lines that adds a effect to the cauise called poetry my fellow poetress

  • It's Mook!
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    Lol, its sad as soon as I saw da name of who did this joint I thought "well shes back". You still show proof y u one of da illist I know when it comes to realness. Much props.
  • jayy.prime
    jayy.prime Members Posts: 22
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    yooo..thanks yall..its been too long since i dropped a joint and i had a million things running through my head..like real said, being lost, hopelessness, etc, etc...but i'm hoping to drop on at least a weekly basis from here on out..i miss writing :-( ANYWHO...thanks again yall..
  • Tupacfan
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    🤬 was ill jay, as usual. coming thru with fiyah.. Good to see u back up in this ish.