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insane gangsta thoughts

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mad as hell out on the street
staring through everybody he meet
walking with his head up high
today may be, his day to die

if it is, so be it
life don't mean 🤬 to him
he don't need it
if this is how it end's, so be it

may never see the gun fire
or hear the squeal of the car's tire's
laying in the street with a bullet in his head
the street under him blood red

maybe he'll get a few cap's off
ain't going by himself
pull the trigger hear the pop's
take a few with him to hell

ain't scared of nothing
nerve's of steel
would love to feel somethin
don't know what's real

his brother, he alway's had his back
but now damn, he's gone
he's never gonna be back
left him alone

had a hole in his soul
now his soul's gone
had part of a heart
now it's pure stone

he got his gun, it feel's cold
always keeps it close
life don't mean nothing
can take our's or his own

paranoia grips him
can't even trust himself
closes his eye's and all he see's
is demon's taking him into hell

so walk away from him
never think he'll change
keep safe from him
leave him to the gangs