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Suicide Lover (Inspired by real life events & this place I'm in)

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Crystallized tears, fall on a pillar of salt.
Damping the microscopic remains of a former lover.
Whom ignores the ominous cloud cover
in their dreamed-up world.
An ill-advised decision
for a division between morality and humanity results in the destruction of both.
You was loath to admit your mistakes,
believing 🤬 will not forsake you.
Dead butterflies falling from a shatter sky,
is saying otherwise.
If all we live is lies, death shall be filled with truths.
An eternity of clarity.
Increasing the popularity of suicide.
Amongst those like you
Whom were predispose to self hate
but chose to not let go of the evils in their life.
Creating an existence torn by strife.
For those who would like to know,
I'm speaking extensively to the one who was supposed to be my wife.
I Did not attend to reveal her identity or name,
for I feel as if I am the one to blame.
But something came over me in this mist of writing this piece.
It is as if the decease is speaking to me
I am increasing the volume in these Sony headphones
to block out her tone
Even though she is gone,
she left in her suicide note an explanation
that it was not me but her demons,
yet even at this moment
as I read the letter over and over,
I am still without closure
and may never be able to close this chapter of my life.


  • RuffDraft
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    Increasing the popularity of suicide monogamy...

    Don't know if you like that or not, but when I was reading I was hoping for another word at the end of that line.

    Apart from that, wow, at this entire piece.... that's some deep and heavy 'ish... congrats on such a piece but sorry if any of it is true... the depth that you go into and the way that you draw upon life and death is a really nice touch... the way that you chose to reveal what you was talking about made the poem even better to me, to let us in and understand completely what you're stuck in.

    Thanks for sharing, appreciate it.
  • lovelycreation
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    Suicide is for "COWARDS" that refuse to deal with their problems and looking for an easy way out, STRAIGHT TO HELL! lol
  • Tupacfan
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    Keep the head up, keep writing and expressing your self....

    you are in control of you mind, body, and soul..

    there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how hard and how dark and heavy it get's.. there is hope out there lingering..