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Know You Got Sole Soundtrack (First All Sneaker Hip Hop Album) Interview and Review

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What's up everyone, I was fortunate enough to do an interview with Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams regarding his soundtrack for the film "Know You Got Sole." The soundtrack Features some really good underground talent like Fresh Daily, Proper, and LoJ to name a few. The film is a sneaker documentary thats scheduled to release sometimes this summer. 95% of the content on the album is sneaker related so its the first Sneaker Album or the first definitive sneaker culture album. Below is some of the interview you can check out the rest at the link below enjoy!


Sean, my fellow New Yorker, how has the virtual tour been so far?

Thanks very much for having me stop by as part of the tour. It’s been great and the love for the album has grown as the days go on. It’s been a nice mix of people who have love for me and also like kicks and good music.

Ok, lets talk about the soundtrack. Its quite possibly the first album dedicated to sneaker culture, and features some key artists from the underground circuit (Fresh Daily, Substantial, Proper and LoJ to name a few). How did this project come about?

According to Sneaker Freaker (Virtual Tour stop #4) it is. I’m reluctant to say that officially only because I know that after 20 years of making music there is somebody in some corner of the world that just MIGHT have done so already, but if not, I’m happy to have given the folks something they can enjoy and have easy access to. I’m happy for the contribution of all the artists and producers on the soundtrack. They all gave me what I needed for the film, but as time went on and the delays with the film mounted, I realized sitting on dope music (regardless of what it’s for) is a crime. And I refused to commit that crime. It’s funny that the launch of the album will now be the catalyst for the new version of the film which will be out later this year.

The soundtrack is a strong body of work both production wise and lyrically. What influences you as a producer?

My influences over the years have been some of the best in the business, from Dr. Dre, to Premier and Pete Rock, throw in some Rick Rubin, and some of the sonic qualities of other genres of music like Classical and Rock. I play all my music so for those used to music created by samples of other music you have to listen with an open mind. While I’m at it…I might as well tell you that this album sounds ‘INCREDIBLE” in some Beats By Dre headphones (sorry- I love those headphones- lol)

With the culture on an international stage, are there any plans to do an album in another language (Spanish,German, Japanese etc.) showcasing international talent?
I hope to turn Know You Got Sole into a franchise of sorts where I can release on annually with the goal of letting artists from all walks of life express their love for kicks. The 1st one is off to a good start but let’s see what happens. The support for this album has been great so far. If it can become a franchise of sorts that’s really dope.

Mirror, mirror on the wall what’s Chasr’s favorite track of them all? (I’m assuming you now know mine.)

Proper is a great young artist. I honestly have a connection to every song on the album, 8 out of 10 were produced by me, and the other 2 were from Producers and Artists I think have great futures in the business. I happy with how the entire album came together so asking me that is like saying “Which kid is your favorite?” (LOL) Although some parents have an answer for that question.