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Role Models

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Kool G's & Broad street bully's
Richard Pryor, Superfly & Macks
Hip hop legends Biggie & 2Pac
Heros demise, matter changes through the sky's
See ya real soon my tattered, rough & rugged goons
They say that the heart is home
Well if my heart is home
Does that mean I live with Ason Jones?
Role models are for better or worst
Disciples are blessed & cursed
And pure minds are corrupted and reversed
One mans pain is a virus to millions like the flu
We got New years same old blues
Whenever I'm sick my only remedy
antidotes of your presence in my memory
Through the depths of graceful corners & portals
With your voice being heard forever immortal

My role models...
with their 40 bottles
black glocks
🤬 rocks
The ballers on the courts
Got love for them no matter what
Good & Bad
Like Yin & Yang
Whether feeding starving children
Or with the 🤬 thang
In my heart I stay loyal
Because you was there for me
And that's why you stay royal