What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Bout to record juss tryna get some feed back all comments are good ones

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its two flows i wanna spit kinda long but would appreciate the feedback

I could never play the background you can check my background/you can catch my 🤬 pitchin they dont need a dirt mound/all they need is one stove nas can keep the one mic/served about six heads they only needed one pipe/if all i need is one wife why'd i have a one night/ 🤬 wit my dream girl i call that 🤬 effie white/🤬 was doin hella white had her feelin hella right/she a white 🤬 from cali she said my flows hella tight/ she talked a 🤬 head off then she took my pants off/ and bopped a 🤬 head soft then you know i sped off/ i dont even know her name got me on that alcia keys/ but 🤬 isnt 🤬 to me i get it when i 🤬 please all my hoes get 🤬 pleased/when ya cash up thats when you worry the least/nice crib you eat good every dinners a feast/ no pressure good life even put up ya piece/thats when im waitin in ya crib like my name on the lease/

i see the game and its such a mess/ real 🤬 in the game nuthin like the rest/ real spittas in the game you just dont impress/ blunts passin all the time juss to cope wit stress/ no lie dog the purple help me cope the best/ in this booth embarass 🤬 rappers hold they breath/but im down for any song if they cut a check/and ima 🤬 with whatever route pay the best/ I make more ya talent less cause you talentless/ cse same 🤬 diffreent beat to 🤬 /Im gettin high 🤬 up off prescription pills/30 tabs in 2 days and im livin still/