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Another raw joint, hope ya enjoy..

This is da result of not takin a shortcut
Sacrificin love of da game to quench a core 🤬
Of money & fame lack da substance in my words
Blow up & live my life in a series of blurs
& blackouts, all I recall is what this 🤬 bout
Mad at my life so I'll put it all in dis last ounce
Smoke it all away & prey for forgiveness
Hope when my body drop none of my kids will witness
Now back to reality, never be a casualty
To waste all dat talent on some chemicals would baffle me
But don't let da Jansport fool you, take a pool que
& before u blink yo deflowering on you tube
& everyone who knew dude will question his existence
Be forgotten like da dummies who got Nets season tickets
& then they'll have no choice but to follow this prodigy
Beautiful oddity when it comes to real all u got is me
I interpret prophecies don't 🤬 care what 🤬 u'll seek

It's potency, lyrics executed to da throat wit ease
Aimed at those who confuse rappin wit breathin
U waitin to exhale but yet to give me a reason
To loosin dis grip dis here why I exist
Potency, won't write a bar unless I know its deep
Quick to get da paper slow to loose my mind
If raps an asylum, then da padded rooms my book of rhymes

Pyro surrounds my physical, no 1 can touch me
Ya need 2 switch ya game up, 🤬 wit me is Rugby
Take into account dat I'm iller than all da rest
& I won't hesitate to test fate & rip off da vest
We all got insecurities, some strengthen our will
Others feel da pressure and turn to da pill
Or da blunt or da knife any means to an end
In da duel of life instead of a gun I drew a pen
I left da 🤬 alone & dat alone doubled my worth
& killed da curse dat at 1st troubled my birth
Now I live wat many dream, witness wat most believe can't be seen
Go through wat most know in they heart is too extreme
Da war has cease fire wit my soul & da demon
An understandin between em as they carry on through my 🤬
This creates da lifeforms known as my son & daughter
Crucifix above them bodies as they blessed wit water
My mind scattered as I try to define dis rhyme
In death u'll know my scribes were as eternal as da hands of time
Its modern warfare too so u’ll know I’m gettin mines