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Lady Gaga is the FIRST artist to get a Billion views on Youtube..!!

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Lady Gaga has set a new record – she’s become the first artist to clock up more than one billion views on video sharing website YouTube. Three of the singer’s promos have become fan favourites on the site – Poker Face has received 374,606,128 hits, her debut Just Dance stands at 272,941,674 and Bad Romance has been watched 360,020,327 times.

But she may not hold the record for long – clips from the Twilight film franchise have been watched 980 million times, while Soulja Boy’s hits have clocked up 860 million views, according to video analytics company Visible Measures.

p.s. don't worry about the source.. just believe that it's true..

aaooww.. go girrlllll, it's your birthday..!! She's so awesome..!! (:


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