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Stan by her Words- Dedicated to Ms. Scott

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i'm famished and damaged
tired of the Kims and foxy tailed broads
need enlightening and no one that's frightening
like the lady that holds mama's gun
just as my life ended for love
my fantasy has begun
power 99, inner city brand at 10pm
listening to a voice so soothing
smooth like caramel lolly drops
and healing like loving non stop
she was telling a fake diva
to get out of her way of what shes feeling
appealing with the soulfulness of 60s belles
concealed in my jones lies a heartbeat
and a heavy bone
but can't believe shes older
yet thats not stopping little old me
mr casanova P aka cashmere sincere
she comes out with an album and her lover is on tv
hating on him like shes condemning the "hate on me"
godly why this lame walking her after dark
through my old school block
hate it and debate if i should blow his spot
I think not
time progress and a ex that looks like her
she dumps me and I see a future
fantasy of me and she
walking the beach living life like it's golden
She loves me with a Tom on a E Flat
wake up daydreams gone and a album that's all that
shes signing albums and singing at the old tower records
gotta make it there to tell her to sign it
hoping she gets this poem through hand shares
no luck gotta frigging work
ugh my ex that looks like her got it from there
later on she meets her backstage and smile like her beautiful stare
i glare at jealousy
that jawn is so lucky
vol 3 got turn off, shes 🤬 and i bet shes laying next to a night stand somewhere
rumors of musiq tapping that is out there
angry at her sexual flare
drink crown royal on ice with a distant glare
how could she hurt me like this is my normal declare
her hair all curly like imposer number two
which i'm not saying her name because i wrote about her all throughout
shes close resemblance without of a doubt by a mere built of the shape
man i need help or a shrink to think
why i'm addicted and conflicted with this woman that resides in a different place
from Atlanta to Hollywood...why did she get married?
shes very cool and so upbeat
her sweet thick honey body is looking like a defeat
to the cheaters and those that tease big and the chunky
shes doing well with that dude that thinks he's spunky
hate this movie and can't stand madea for making this flick
wheres my money? i want a refund for seeing this rubbish
hurting and deserting her to a distant married life
she may be a diva but shes not the main attraction
so my actions are calm to settled as i let go the infatuations
to let it be and get to reality
that shes gone in real life but in fantasy shes my ebony queen
getting out of the limousine....LIVING OUR LIFE LIKE ITS GOLDEN GOLDEN :cool:


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    yo...youre sick homie
    you still got it

    been bumpin Murs lately huh? he got me writin about "jawn's" too lol

    good 🤬 my dude, once again

    keep droppin knowledge my fellow poet
  • Tupacfan
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    As always the word play, the way it's orhestrated literally is just soo ill..

    I could learn a thing or two from this jawn lol.