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Perfection (for The Killer)

PapaJuice Banned Users Posts: 435
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They wanna censor souls
And obliderate their thoughts
TO create a line up of robots
But I still got a few cards to drop
Before I come up short
And I won't stop, can't stop
Until I come up on top
50 fakers and 50 haters
Against one playa that's naughty by nature
No doubt I got an attitude
Harass no dude, far from rude
Knocking down nerds, using my weapons as words
Because I put sheep in their place like shepherds
Necks gets broken off shoulders
If the pressures of the world don't 🤬 ya
it'll make ya colder
Weak as can be but I remain strong
I was wrong all along
I was trying to see when nothing was in sight
And now all I got left is my fists to fight
Misguides choices
And feeding an addiction
To fill my soul with empty voices
Crazy 🤬 , scripts I flip
Man these 🤬 are a trip
When you're whack you're on top
When you're dope they plotting for you to flop
Call me a 🤬
But I'ma self destruct before I'ma 🤬
The purpotrator, intistigator, never forget the Wars I struck

What's wrong with you lil kidd?
You got me confused of what I do or did
You always joking and I don't find it funny
And my brothers in jail right now
I gotta go out N get this money
So much pain
Broke & I hear ya making race jokes
The only color that matters is green
Because life is hard times, stresses & nicotine
🤬 fiends and jails crazies scream
Low self esteem, run up and I ain't fleeing
life ain't fair, nothing goes your ways unless your dreaming
Young 🤬 , you ain't been through 🤬 you only 17!!

Can't take a joke
So serious
That's why I killed the joke
And now I'm furious
Not far from average
Seperate myself from diamonds to garbage
My name still reigns supreme on the streets I'm victorious
And if you ask a kid who I am, they say I'm notorious
I may only be 17 but won't hesitate to dump a body in the trunk
And 🤬 you talking down on me? You tha 🤬 ... PUNK!
My girl got me on lock
The cops got me on lock
Serving time for another 🤬 rock
And I don't even get no respect on the block
Through all the pain, I smile at a life that's hardknocked
Still got more ruckus to bring
Too hardened for a smile
Gangbanging 60's
Monster's rule everything
While you've been beaten by the bitterness tumour
Through the madness I kept my humour
runnin' last or first
safeguarded from the predators eating raw food ending cold thirsts
Because life is cold cursed and blood is what I thirst

Riots begin inside ours minds
Perilus when we intertwine
Both a problem to a brother
But nothing without eachother
Self destruction with no discipline
When this life is over
both of us will feel the flames
With a life that we never looked through the mirror
To look at our true names


  • PapaJuice
    PapaJuice Banned Users Posts: 435
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    give me the negatives of what i did
    and give me tips
    what you're looking for, etc
  • Tupacfan
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    am I reading a poetry freestyle battle? lol

    Killa, juice ya'll wanna elaborate. na, im just playin, i get the just.


    some of the stuff you be posting is mad crazy... and i think what it is, is that you be talking wreckles, and it shows very well in some of the poetry you dropped. You should go in a direction of what's relevant in your life... you play to much. and poetry is very powerful, so u should express on the positive things than the negative side or switch it up, let all the negative things out and thru some positive 🤬 towards the end.. just my two cents..