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Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast 🤬 . by JV Beats

Sharoyceantwan Members Posts: 48
edited March 2010 in Roc The Mic Audio

At last the warmonger awoke from long slumber

I blue moon like leap year- and sleep for four summers
Hybernatin w/ a pen and a pad at Fort Sumter
I'm free to peel the grass n treat the world like my onion
Royce got game- pac fades and plaid joysticks
Stick up kid move the party- keep yo glass hoisted
deliver bitter sweet- but keep it flamboyant
🤬 take incentives from my Uncle Sam choices
Sharoyce is the reincarnation of a coyfish

year of the dragon boy- w/ a hella tight performance

I beautified my thought- watch me exercise my gorgeous
articulated pain- tears of rain- spawnin roses
I bring a range of hell and disdain to my opposers
the heart of hercules could lead to fallen soldiers
I yeild yellow lights in my path where dark approaches
they tread to far and hear my opus


Incredible hulk has risen off the medicine fault

I take the microphone and shell it like a veteran's shock

I got em everguessing- so the best doesnt stop

I just recycle the lesson into legible docs

they could swallow Johnny Storms but they'll never get hot

because I come w/ twisted thoughts that topple elephant knots

you femcee 🤬 need some breast and a 🤬

once i 🤬 you off w/ thought- hit the bathroom and squat

my beef w/ PDs furnish vegetable cops

I shove their long arm up there 🤬 and pop.

Adolescent till I gripped the mic- my testicals dropped

and I transformed into Shazam! 🤬 damn

a micromalpractice that'll shorten life spans

since the earth is my chessboard- you're in my hands

I stay spaced out w/ inside my jugganaught stance

fans need supply- well i demand those hands

I stir controversy w/ my pad and some spit

I have them on my 🤬 tryna battle and 🤬

The D-boy is active on this beat for the traffic

Mos Definite ecstatic- king of theives- no Alladin
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