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Murder High(2012) Starring Idris Elba, Kerry Washington, Mos Def, Tristan Wilds, etc.

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Genre: Crime-Thriller

Plot: A high school student find himself in a world of trouble when he commits a crime that he cannot take back! As a troubled youth, Shawn Thomas(Tristan Wilds) grew up in the street life. A known stick up kid in the hood, Shawn had his eye set on burglarizing the home of the teacher Mr. Morris(Mos Def) who had got him suspened from school earlier that evening. During the burglary attempt late that night a masked Shawn raided Mr. Morris' home with gun drawn demanded money and whtever else he could get!! In fear for his wife(Paula Patton) and kids, Morris runs for a draw with his gun inside. As Morris is running for the gun, Shawn opens fire shooting Mr.Morris 3 times and killing him! Shawn runs threw the back door, escaping and making it home. Detectives, Ronnie Wells(idris Elba) and Lisa Perry(Kerry Washington) arrive on the seen moments later. Dt.Wells and St.perry investigate the story that has the communtiy in a frezny. The high school and the community mourn as Shawn tries to lay low but his concious begins to get to him as the investigation heats up.

Quick version.....

Idris Elba & Kerry Washington star in the movie as the lead detectives on the case. Mos Def plays the slained teacher. Tristan Wilds is the high schook student who kills Mos Def in a robbery attempt.


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    my Dream Cast for this film.......

    Detective Ronnie Wells - Idris Elba
    Detective Lisa Perry - Kerry Washington
    Shawn Thompas - Tristan Wilds (mike of the wire)
    Mr. Morris - Mos Def
    Ms. Morris - Paula Patton
    High School Principal - Laurence Fishburne

    name some good young actors to play the teenage characters from the high school and niegborhood? also the parents of Shawn.
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    i thought this was real
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