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Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry (And Othe Black Directors)

badgonegoodbadgonegood Members Posts: 1
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I am an African American filmmaker on the rise. I have a zombie web series coming out June 30th. www.youtube.com/safehaventv

What are your thoughts on the beef between Perry and Lee? I just feel its so trivial and unnecessary. Neither director is really that great or epic to me.... (Except "Malcom X"). There is such a lack of black presence in Hollywood anyway, I don't get why these dudes would even want to beef.



  • mikelewismikelewis Members Posts: 603 ✭✭✭
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    Spike Lee is bored, needs something to do, sees an easy target in Perry and goes after it.

    Tyler Perry wants to be taken seriously, sees Spike Lee as a threat considering his history in black cinema, and is defending his product.

    I respect Lee speaking his mind and Perry defending himself, however both are misguided to me. Lee should focus on making a movie and swaying the black public away from that nonsense, somewhat similiar to what he did when he was insulted by Clint Eastwood's war movies.

    Perry should understand the message his work does deliver, take a step out of his world and see exactly what these critics are talking about. I believe he has the ability to make something worthwhile, he just needs to believe he can.
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    LOL @ Spike Lee feeling threatened by Tyler Perry. In related news, Nas feels threatened by Plies.
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