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The Dr.Dre Dee Barnes incident.Damn Dre really took it to that hoe



  • dade county 305
    dade county 305 Members Posts: 355
    Damn! What's your post count in this thread?
    Hate to see if this was a Em/50 thread LOL.

    And no I don't give a 🤬 about something that happen 20years ago,in the rap world.
  • nohiphop1
    nohiphop1 Members Posts: 600 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm a stan of "Dr. Dre's production" but he's been on a lot of suspect and outright wrong stories.

    I don't approve of this at all. He should got stomped out for this.
    I alway knew about the story, but reading the details here show me how foul he got. SMH
  • Cryyptus
    Cryyptus Members Posts: 1
    That whole 🤬 story is wrong. Even Dee Barnes agreed with Dre and stated that he threw her through a doorway and smacked her a 🤬 ton. That said, I know PLENTY of women; white, black, and otherwise who agree that she got what she deserved. Also, if he beat the 🤬 out of her so badly, then tell me why that 🤬 was settled out of court. Seems like a bunch of ya'll just salty and wanna hate because you don't have anything better to do. Not only that, but picture this...white America, afraid of NWA and all of the ghetto that gangsta rap made mainstream, makes a deal with the media...you 🤬 him off, he'll beat you up, you can sue him for a lot of money, we can make him look bad....etc. etc. See where I'm headed with this? And as for Dre being suspect....🤬 son, Suge's 🤬 ass been snitching since Day ONE!! It's a known fact. Top that 🤬 off with "Suge said this" and "Suge said that"...next thing you know ya'll fools will be calling Eazy fake and say Bone Thugs lip synced. 🤬 I bet you goofy ass muthafuckaz think that Pac is on an island chillin snorting blow with elvis....SMDH. Do some research guys...Or you know...pay attention to the music we listen to.