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Great Shows that Jumped Or ar Jumping the Shark (Give a detailed explanation)

MAKAVELI25MAKAVELI25 Members Posts: 5,595 ✭✭✭✭
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"Smallville"- First four seasons were great. Show became slightly corny after Lana found out she was a witch. By the sixth/seventh season, it was almost unwatchable IMO. I didn't even watch the finale, when the original executive producers (or whatever) left, that show became 🤬 .

"Scrubs"- Great show, should have ended one or two seasons earlier though. All characters became caricatures of themselves and JD & Turk practically became unwatchable.

"Burn Notice"- Still a good show, but has become formulaic. Individual cases are now uninteresting, only good parts are when Micahel is working on the season long arc.


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    The Game - when Derwin Cheated on Melanie. It turned the show about the women of pro-football players's lives into a dramedy from that point on. I wish they'd put more football in the show.
  • gdatruth2.0gdatruth2.0 Members Posts: 3,581 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    weeds - after the town burned down

    yeah that show hasnt been the same since that moment and getting rid of Conrad's crew.

    Dexter - its still early but Rita's death by Trinity. The show and Dexter seemed to be lost without Dexter's emotional anchor. Just such a major shift in status que especially following such a great season/villian.

    The Wire - Omar mircalously surviving his jump from the window with only a limp. Not so much a shark moment since the season was ending anyway, but a major rift in the show's gritty, realistic approach. I would expect a scene like that in a generic action flick not a show like the Wire.
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    Buffy- hate to say it cuz it was one of my favorite shows of all time and still is...but when Buffy started 🤬 Spike. The story arc just didn't sit right with me cuz they hated each other for so long and he was such a good nemisis that it was weird seeing them together like that. I mean it started getting good again once he got his soul and they had completely stopped 🤬 but I thought that was jumping the shark a little.

    Weeds- When they burned down the town and Conrad went on his own the show just went all over the place. The 🤬 she was getting into after that was just outrageous and unrealistic to me.

    How I Met Your Mother- It was cool for the first few seasons but now its like whats the point of the title of the show when we are NEVER going to find out who the mother is. Jason Segal and NPH are struggling to carry that show IMO.

    Smallvile- Honestly when they killed Lex off. It seem like they had no direction to go after ol dude didn't renew his contract to be Lex. Although he was the antagonist him and Lionel were the best characters. The seasons after that it seems like they threw a lot of their story lines together dragging it out with filler episodes that introduced members of the Justice League that really had no improtance.

    Grey's Anatomy- Not even really jumping the shark on screen but off. When the Kristen Hiegle (🤬 makes 1 hit movie where Seth Rogan basically carried her ass anyway and think she got all the power in the world) and the 🤬 🤬 (pretty much just following this 🤬 lead) pretty much got the black dude fired off some 🤬 . Show took a nose dive from there on. But I was glad when the writers killed both of they 🤬 off too.

    Breh, Grey's Anatomy? Really?
  • MAKAVELI25MAKAVELI25 Members Posts: 5,595 ✭✭✭✭
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    I'm a girl....and yeah. It used to be my show until that happend.

    Oh.....my fault
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    Smallville- The OP was dead on, after season four 🤬 got real stupid, but the worst of it was Lois getting knocked out and then getting kidnapped/possessed every other episode for the rest of the show's run.

    Heroes- First season was amazing, but the two major story arcs were completely undone by the first episode of the second season, and then of course there was Sylar is he good? is he bad stuff?

    Married with Children- When they introduced Seven. People were so 🤬 he just disappeared also their horrible attempts at creating spin offs.

    Family Matters- Urkle making clones and other 🤬 🤬 that made no sense.

    Charmed- After Prue died they just started ripping off mythologies and other stories. They had the witches fighting the Greek Titans, they had one of the witches becoming Lady Godiva, they had the Piper's son become 🤬 King Arthur, and so on.

    ESPN- The whole network. When your a sports network and one of your leading stories is Dwight Howard made a joke about LeBron James' hairline and you have people actually debating this 🤬 on TV, you've jumped the shark.
  • not this again!not this again! the dude playing the dude, disguised as another dude Members Posts: 2,059 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    That 70's Show- When Topher Grace left, they should have just ended the show right then and there. That final season was pointless.

    ER- It just wasn't the same show after Anthony Edwards and George Clooney were gone, but when Noah Wyle left, they definitely should have pulled the plug. Pun definitely intended.

    Smallville- Stayed on at least three years longer than it should have. And this is coming from a huge Superman fan. By the way, that finale was 🤬 .

    CSI- No disrespect to Laurence Fishburne, but Grissom made that show. When he left, that was the perfect time to end it while it was still on top.
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    Family Guy- Hard to pinpoint exactly WHEN it jumped the shark, but I haven't been able to watch a whole episode for atleast two years now
  • Iheart~CaliIheart~Cali Members Posts: 5,991 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    weeds - after the town burned down


    And Roseanne after they won the lottery. That used to be the goat show to me. When they hit the lottery is was garbage after that.
  • dogfromduckhuntdogfromduckhunt Members Posts: 694 ✭✭✭✭
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    Entourage - Formula got old, and seasons 6/7 when they got the idea that people cared about Vince. Then the repackaging of E's buffoonery. Felt like they toned down Ari too just to give everybody else a little shine.

    Stargate SG1 - When Daniel ascended and left us with Quinn. When Quinn left us with new-Jack. Introducing Mitchell and the Ori later on, both garbage for what the were replacing. That and the actors looked like they just didn't give a 🤬 after so many years.

    24 - Kinda 🤬 villains the whole way through, but everything got old by season 6. Not killing Chloe. A 🤬 president with a tin-foil hat/magical 🤬 wife, followed up by a 🤬 woman president and family. Pretty much every president after the first Palmer. Everybody they brought in to CTU from season 5 on(Seriously. Nobody gave a 🤬 about these people or the garbage storylines that brought their families into things.) The angry black guy, whose trained in all the psychology 🤬 CTU field people are apparently trained in, yet can't wrap his head around nukes being a little more important than getting yourself killed. Really? Really? 🤬 couldn't wait a few hours... man...🤬 this show.

    Law & Order SVU - Killing and unkilling Alex. I enjoyed the brief moment of that lawyer being dead to the world.
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