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Petey Lee - “Give Me A Sign” MV produced by Slantize (feedback please)

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*Lyrics* [Verse 1: Pete Lee]
All I need is one life, two tries, and three words to live by:/
Faith, Love & Hope, it's why i'm not afraid to die/
The .45's by my side, she rides wit six shots inside/
🤬 rested on the 7th but time ain't on my side/
If it makes you cry when you try, that's not a sign of weakness/
When you're too strong for too long your eyes jus release it/
Me I just unleash 🤬 , all my broken pieces/
Eating me alive, i can't hide, i'm defeated/
We both needed a break from our mistakes/
I never thought you'd use the time and space to have me replaced/
Now i'm feeling outta place, an angel fallen from grace/
Sometimes the sweetest things in life can leave a bitter taste/
And even if love doesn't wait, keep your faith and stay rocking/
Cause you're never forgotten when success is your only option/
With no hope for stopping, if no rules i'm mobbing/
Pops ain't want a problem but i shot my way through the condom!/

feedback much appreciated! much love allhiphop!