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Wrestlemania was definitely poppin

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dam that 🤬 was ill
classic matches


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    People still watch WWE?

    The 🤬 fell off when Lita left.
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    Punisher__ wrote: »
    People still watch WWE?

    The 🤬 fell off when Lita left.

    my brother just put me back on after i took a long hiatus
    this is the only time we really bond....... we now watch wrestling together
    🤬 got me watching it again..... but we ordered PPV that 🤬 was classic
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    Punisher__ wrote: »
    People still watch WWE?

    The 🤬 fell off when Lita left.
    🤬 please.

    it had some great matches (and a classic), but it had some horrible ass 🤬 . bret hart vs. Vince?? Really??? [Miz voice]REALLY!?!?
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    I watched WM at 🤬 tonight, I thought it was a decent show not one of the best WM's ever but it was solid.

    The tag title match Big Show/Miz vs R Truth and John Morrison that was a decent match but too short.

    Randy Orton vs Rhodes vs Dibiase- This was a fun match I liked how Rhodes and Ted were fighting each other and as soon as Randy got up they stopped and went back after him.

    MITB- this was a good spot fest and I was surprised that Swagger won it, I thought they would have given it to Christian or Drew.

    Triple H vs Sheamus- Match was solid good back and forth and it put over Sheamus despite not getting the W.

    Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk- Good match but it was a little short I liked the finish.

    Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon- Terrible match but I at least understood why they booked it the way they did.

    Edge vs Chris Jericho - This match started slow but it picked up nicely towards the middle til the end, I liked the spot where Edge speared Jericho through the announce table.

    Women's match- Decent for what it was. Nice homage with Vickie doing her version of the frog splash.

    Batista vs John Cena- This was a great match nothing else to say really.

    Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals- This was the match of the night and it was the right decision having this go last, the ending was crazy with Taker hitting two tombstones.
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    This Wrestlemania was average, nothing special. Once again, Taker and HBK was good but not like the first.
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    I really wished CM Punk woulda won and Rey had to join the SES. 🤬 woulda been epic
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    it was aight still. i was suprised that egde didnt get the belt but that can be an excuse to extend that feud which is good. the legacy match was aight still. i wish it was a lil longer still. anywho, a solid ppv
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