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::: Ominous Red presents SERIAL :::

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I go by the name Ominous Red. I am hitting up all the forums on my blog roll spreading the work about my independent project that I just finished. I just finished a concept album I have been working on for about a month now. You can preview all the songs through Youtube. The videos have the lyrics to all the songs. I produced all of the tracks myself so it is kinda rough but if you are a fan of Lodeck, Aesop Rock, Nas, Jay-Z or Gangstarr, then I think you will like this project.

106: Box of Pine

107: Uniform

108: Anita Baker

109: Common Ground

110: Cold Cases

111: One Man Army

112: Killer's Killer

113: Believer

114: The Father

115: The Son

116: The Ghost

117: Lack of Oxygen

118: Red Handed

119: Prestige

120: Be This Way

It is available for download right now on Reverb and will be available on iTunes. If you want a physical disc, you get it directly from me. I would love some support if you guys are feeling the work.



The saving grace of the project is the concept. The audio, beats and vocal performance and treatment could have been way better. But I was fighting against cost and limited resources as far as equipment and conditions like not being able to use samples which ultimately sand bagged the project but I had to move forward no matter what.

Trust me... if I had the chance to just ghost write and clear samples, I would have been okay with putting this in the hands of people with more talent or who were better equipped than I am but that was not an option for me.

People will miss the concept because:

They aren't old enough to recognize what I am referencing lyrically.

They won't ever hear the concept because they don't like the music (sound & style)

And that is where the visuals of the lyrics come in. Everywhere you see text marked with blood or written in red is a nod to a particular artist. Most real heads can see what I was doing. I took their work and created something out of it which is the metaphor. A cop is tracking killers only to end up a killer. Just like we as fans, track our favorite emcees just to eventually become emcees ourselves. So this album was sort of like an explanation of what I like in Hip Hop as far as all the artists I pay tribute to.

When I finish my website, it will kinda explain it all a little better and hopefully enhance the experience of the music.

I got that idea from Aesop Rock. When he dropped Fast Cars, he included a book that had all his work in it so I could read a long and it helped me understand his work a little better because I could better digest what he was saying.

Even though I love this project, I am completely aware of the fact that it is not up to par as far as quality goes. There are not a lot of people who want to hear an audio book in the form of a rap album, which is basically what I did.

My next project will be completely different because it will not be restrained by the concept and I write songs with the focus on style and sound instead of being confined by the concept.

With all that said, imagine this idea being put in the hands of someone like NAS with Primo on the beats.


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