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Stuck in Reverse

Azekiel-Horizon Members Posts: 12
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Couldn't sleep, so this is a poem that I came up with in this moment of insomnia

The sound of claps turns into silence,
as the colorless spot light reappears
on a poet stepping back on stage
to replace his trembling hands onto the mic.
Feeling so nervous, that his words come out in reverse.
Heart my around wind the is she for, stomach my in butterflies have I
this Greek he speaks, compels an artsy crowd to walk backwards to their tables,
and sit in anticipation for the poem.
waiting in the front row of the audience, is a curly haired class beauty,
returning her cosmopolitan to its glass cone.
as the drink splashes against the bowl
she slowly turns around and recognizes the poet on stage,
whom she is not only a fan of his work, but also an admirer of him off stage.
Where they chatted earlier tonight about possibly going out later.
while they spoke, instrumentals played in the opposite of tune
that returned the woman to this previous present
where she notices the performer's eyes
looking the opposite direction.
existing in a reverse position
the poet recognizes the caramel complexion woman in the front,
but he quickly doesn't realize she is there.
His mind is in rewind. and time is backtracking,
to the point where he is bringing the paper toward his face
and silently reads the poem backwards,
until he arrives to the first word that is telling him either to refold the paper
or to do something unexpected.
So he performs this poem he wrote in reverse and this how it starts........