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Cold speakers

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written to damn near every instrumental of Foreign Exchange's new album.....
headbobbin to the beat like feet to the cement
walkin 3 inches takin 2 centimeters to the left
I step
I rep
I am "oh its him again"
I am Imnotep
I am introspect
I am a check when you weren't expectin it
I am that good feelin
High as a roofs ceilin
my mind influenced by real 🤬
I am through killing eardrums
🤬 it
I'll jump out the car if my peoples want the trunk to kick
with this 🤬 🤬
I am 🤬 with her kiss
I used to love her
I still do
she is a streetwalker
on the corner of writers block and Bellevue
and I am Publicly inxoticated
staggerin off these bass hits
that swagger is mildew
it ain't me
I am in the same tee
dr dre beats
on the block pacin
at least
until noon
and yes I am caucasion
a croc cajun
I talk patiently
I write my life all on these paper sheets
you'd think I was bleeding
made to be a tree
sittin around
a coffee table magazine
break weed up on me
sprinkle good lyrics around the beats please
put the song on repeat and zone out
whisper the words with your own mouth
born proud and storm silent
live for hip hop
damn rap
good music is the first nap on that couch that was always Saran wrapped
Boom Bap
some of that crew rap but I'm through trappin
still got thousands of instrumentals but I'm through battlin
livin my life to the beat drop after the Mad Rapper is through laughin
years pass and my favorite album is still laced with shogun assassin
I have one last wish though
when I'm gone and alone in my casket
put some good songs on a walkman and put it around my cold dome
tell stories, laugh, steal my cds, drink some brew then go home......

"how much is my rookie card now?" my soul words while ventriloquisting my dead lips to Mos Def's verse in "Oh No"