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Super Smash Bros PC (free)

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Bask in it's 16 bit glory! The frenzied beat em up that is Smash Bros!

For anybody whose unfamiliar with the series, allow me to give you a quick run down.
It's basically every fanboy's dream game.

You obliterate your opponents off the screen with a variety of tactics, items found all over the stage, and other players.
It is, by far, some of the most fun I've had this year in a game. It's also quite easy to pick up and play for even the newest of players. I'm going to keep this little meta review fairly short because I want to jump back into the time vacuum that is this game.


It feels just like it's console iterations and has tons more characters to boot. You also have a plethora of stages and plenty of power up to collect all over the level. Most importantly, the fighting has some actual oomph to it. Unlike a lot of these fly by night "tribute" games, years of hard work went into perfecting the combat and fluidity. You'll have to learn the individual character moves by experimenting as there doesn't seem to be a manual out yet, but that's half the fun. :)


Don't just stand there you savages, go play it! I suggest mapping the keys to your gamepad with Xpadder/Joy2key and bring a friend! :sonic:

Download Here!

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