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Vicious cycle vs. Any other female emcee you know

Vicious Cycle
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  • Vicious Cycle
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    I said we're better than any other female emcee YOU know... as in know personally... I don't believe you know any of the women you listed. And if you do know any female emcees personally, we are better them them... guaranteed.
  • Reapmills
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    Well far be it from me to down an artist tryin to get shine and to each his own personally but i listened to the entire 🤬 Chronologues and in my honest opinion i can name a few MC's that i think are better such as Renegade Da Lady from Fort Wayne, IN and several femcees from the Chi like Shawnna, Mecca and Tina B (look em up) but your supposed to feel your the best hell i feel im the best MC dead or alive... but when you make statements like this you draw all types of people who will dislike what yall do solely from the attitude behind it... (Plus i do know Shawnna personally i grew up near where she grew up in Olympia Fields, IL and i was around when she was skinny with the short hairdo when her and Teefa did the Infamous Syndicate album) And the reason why Renegade is so dope is because she is humble with it as well... because if your better than every other female... you shouldnt have to announce it as a ploy to get people to check out your project.... people would already do that...

    Conceit is great... when it is seasoned with humility
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