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The Grand Orient is a Freemason organization that allows women and atheists

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It all started when the French got into an argument with the English, of course.

Naturally, the lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England are still quite upset about it. Their antiquated superstition and patriarchy is challenged by the GO's ability to maintain a strong moral fraternity. That's probably why they have all these poorly designed websites decrying this "phony masonry" as they call it.

Who knew you could be ethical and trustworthy without an imaginary friend?

What do our resident apron wearers think about this?


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    Well technically it allows women but it doesn't initiate them at the moment but they are working on it, which means basically they are full of 🤬 but in a nice way. Sort of like Liberals.

    Sounds like a ploy to get some free cooch, by the French.

    My pops is a member of the Nasty Nobles so I will see what he thinks.
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    heres an interesting picture of the Oslo bomber:


    No, it ain't a photoshop. You can look up his name in Norway's Freemasonry registry, if you like.
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    in before the inevitable "LOL you muggle, he only has one third of the tri-force and hasn't even completed the crescent moon of baby Solomon quantum degree, he's not really a mason at all"
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