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2Pac moved to Bodymore, Murderland-----AND became a ballerina

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Wow. When Baltimore was doing 🤬 that would one day inspire a television series, Tupac chose to go to a Performing Arts School instead of doing what he rapped about--thuggin and killin 🤬 . This really gets to me cause 2Pac is one of my favorite rappers but I can't get passed this time period in his life. He waited til he moved to Cali to get on some gangsta 🤬 . I think he was scared of Baltimore and wasn't built for their hoods and waited until he got Cali to act like he was a thug. SMH. 2Pac.


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    This should be moved to Donkey. Funny thread though..[sarcasm]

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    Pac was young and in school at the time.what does this mean?if you watch the video he made in Bmore you can see he was young but,very political.pac is that 🤬 .Stop the hating
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    I think were forgetting the fact that during 2Pac's ballerina era he was skeeting Jada Pinkett....sounds like a W to me
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    This is common hip hop knowledge..............
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    I thought he went to MICA which is a visual arts school
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    Nah he went to the Baltimore School For the Arts. Pac had alot of talent and could have done alot more than he did but 🤬 happens. As far as Baltimore goes it dont pay off to be a tough guy here, 1. its to small 2. you goin have to show and prove and even then most the time you will still meet your maker 🤬 *n around in these streets...........
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    got 🤬 in jail too.
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    got 🤬 in jail too.

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