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My Mind F*ck by VSOP *written to Rihanna-russian roullette instrumental*

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edited March 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
influenced by joe buddens version though-comments welcome

they shootin
cupids gun to my temple
everyone around is screamin
heartbreaks crooked crescendo
ricochettes off her cold demeanor
I was told 3 words and reversed
all rehearsed reactions
giving in to the perfect actress
her words flipped my nerve to desert her completely backwards
does she want the mattress?
does she want her ass kissed?
her automatic pageantry captures me like a shook photo
I think I have "SHE" and I dont have to look no more
headphones broken, on repeat,
sometimes I just don't know
i speak in tongues
she wants me to whisper into her soul
let cloud nine ride the blood veins that wrap around her spine
sweaty hot lovin
she 🤬 turpentine
sweaty bodys touchin
my freak under purple circus lights
I make her say my name and curse at christ
bad influence on 🤬 's ruined merchandise
she fell to hell as she grew horns while her wings turned into fire
burnt skylashes batter fast like shes tryin to cool down my intentions
positioned in a pose that is my muse for every poem that I've wrote
her perfume is smoke
she leaves traces of future memories everywhere she goes
so bad that I can drive down the road
and tell myself "yeah we did it there"
shes not scared
me bein rough has notted her hair
she comes near and its suddenly gettin hot in here
cupid is playin chess games and its givin me chest pains
his gun to my temple cuz shes on my mind
always there
my temptress
shes my emperess
my muse
the light at the top of the stairs
I keep climbing because I care
because I live
I love
I 🤬 alright?
I am him
high strung
bloodshot eyes
shes my fix
my drug
stuck in time

and my addiction is her mind 🤬
cuz she 🤬 with my mind.