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Big L>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jay Z



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    Lmfaooooooooo, she really said MC Shan!!

    she dont even listen to 1/3 of the rappers she named,yet she says they're better than jay
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    Cain_Marko wrote: »
    Big L was had a style many emcee's had. Big L's flow okay but he always fell on "Im like ......." to many times he would use that style. He was a great freestyler but to me he was a not as talented Fabolous. He had a couple of nice songs but thats about it.

    you will not enter heaven for this post
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    battle, yeah big l> jay. songwriting, jay got him by quite a bit. and i prefer l to jay.
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    Yo check it,
    I got slugz for snitches ,
    No love for bitchez , Puttin thugz in ditchez when ma trigger finger itchez,
    I got a rep to make police jet
    Known to get a pre-sweat - I never back from 🤬 like keith's sweat, Is big L slow hell no! 🤬 get 🤬 on tha roof when i aint got no hotel dough, Im known for joke and jacks, and beatin over smokin gats ,
    leavin tokin blacks ,
    with broken backs and open caps ,
    so with that bull🤬 step to the rear son,
    the last thing u want with big l is a fair one ,
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    Big l is an a dead overrated punchline rapper. We get it - a gat Is a gun, thanks for educating us. Go backntonur grave w that wack ish. Cam and mase rapped circles around this guy. One dimensional and dead
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    Why do yall entertain her, she creates these threads to try to undermine artist most of us feel are better than Em (Pac, Jay, Big, Nas).
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    D-Jack wrote: »
    You seem like you'll like Kane, and Pun's better than him???

    the non bolded were the only ones you could say are better than jay.
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    When Big L was alive he was better than THAT Jay, but Jay in his prime > Big L in his prime.
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    as a lyricist, yeah. but as a artist, not even close. Im practically a Big L stan, but i can't c/s this thread fully.