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It's Her Part 2 ([email protected])

It's Mook!
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It’s been a couple months & I’m still in shock
A 🤬 like me ain’t suppose to have da girl I got
She tell me y these muthafuckas askin y she wit me
Damn now how did I become da Bobby to her Whitney
So forgive me when my only response is to laugh
U don’t know what we have can’t formulate da math
Dis gonna last, in loves war only da roughest ride
But it’s sad cuz my actions make they views seem justified
Now my girl made me feel like a king dats a rush
Of course immature me felt himself a lil too much
& when a chick dat ain’t my boo called me out da blue
I quickly blurred da line between love & whats true
Then before I knew, I cheated
I let my weakness write da check & da cost was da steepest
Babygirl busted in stole da chick in da jaw
Splits my lip, got it lookin like something outta Saw
Can see it in her eyes, she didn’t need this
She cried while telling me she carryin our fetus
Like a simpleton I denied it, who was I kiddin
Hiding da truth from ya best friend is no kind if livin
I still can’t believe I followed da footsteps
Of my dad who put aside perfection & took less
Then what he truly needed, 🤬 I need help
All I do is look at dis mirror, sayin damn to myself


  • Tupacfan
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    dam, this pretty deep.

    writing this piece probably gives you a better perspective on yourself huh? the relationship and everything...

    Keep the head up!