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7th Ward Slim shittin on Fazeem Black All

7thwardslim7thwardslim Members Posts: 1,238 ✭✭✭
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Man i just check this 🤬 they DQ'd me....my bad i forgot to post a verse yesterday at work......no biggie
But Fazeem.....let me 🤬 on you right quick...... u didnt think it was going to be that easy.....

1st off Lets drop fact, ya 16 was whack,
a 1/2 breed with a afrro.......where they do that at?
lookin into your eyes i can see your soul
never mind the pink shorts or you playin with your nose
that small ass T.V. watching dragon-z
thats no 1 bedroom A-P-T, 🤬 that E-fish-un-cy.....(efficiency)
call me country, like im slow and aint up on time
light-skin 🤬 aint coming back for a very very very long time.....
matter fact, light skin 🤬 would back before ya hair line
you the descendant of the curse Debarge blood-line
why the 🤬 would you that ugly ass pic in a avi
even u said, when u look at the pic, u die laughin...
u look like this dude i know named Chalmus
bought limited edition Star Trek 🤬 with his work bonus
his mama caught him watchin Powder Puff girls with a 🤬
so she bought him the box set, when he get 🤬 he's a loaner
yea i lost the battle, cuz i didnt post a verse.....
but if looked like you.......my life would be a lot worse


  • deaththreatsdeaththreats Members Posts: 1,602 ✭✭
    edited July 2011
    Say playboy.... you had some solid bars in there...good 🤬
  • Fazeem_Blackall Fazeem_Blackall Members Posts: 4,216 ✭✭
    edited July 2011
    Utoh Now Here we go again, So Where should I begin,
    You Ran & Hid Now you spin, No lines for you to win,
    7th ward has entered My Lair, Time 4 Verbal Warfare,
    I Make Moves without a Care, You Rapping on a dare,
    just Stare into my Eyes, Now your Stuck like Hypnotize,
    My Words will Mesmerize, so Noone will hear your cries,
    You Haters Despise, Cowards Spit Lies, Against the Wise,
    So there is No surprise,Your Disguise will not Save You,
    Like a Soul I enslave you, Keep You Like the Grave Do,
    I'm Breaking the Knave Few, Daddy make you Behave 2,
    Step to me wrong Child, I will leave your Brain Defiled,
    With My Manners Never Mild, Got the Beast acting Wild,
    Once I Grab upon the Micro Fone, Now Your Stuck Alone,
    Lost In a Mind Zone, My Games Developed and Grown,
    On a whole different Level, Rebuke you Like the Devil,
    Ask me why if you must, But Be careful when I do bust,
    Peoples End up ashes from ashes returned 2 the Dust,
    Trust none so The 🤬 , not on my Mind, Just the Grind,
    So yo Slim, Your Cash Is Mine, Break you On every line,
    Leave you Squirming without a spine, Want 2 see a Sign,
    Rewind it all 1 more Time, Catch a Dime, Learn 2 Rhyme,
    Step Up and be tossed, From the Jump was a battle Lost,
    Next time recognise the Cost, Before Stepping 2 a Boss...
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