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Who has the best chance of blowing up: BIG KRIT or KENDRICK LAMAR?

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Both these dudes is talented as 🤬 . Lamar is slightly better as a rapper, but KRIT's production takes him far and beyond. I wish the best for both these dudes, who do y'all think has the best chance of blowing up?


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    Man if I had to choose I would probably pick Big K.R.I.T., his production is better w/o lacking in the lyric dept.
    Better allaround

    .........but who really knows.
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    neither really.
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    i stil haven'tl gotten around to really listening to Kendrick Lamar...any songs to suggest from him?
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    he from the south and he don't sound like elmer fudd HAANNNH
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    KRIT cause of his production and seems like he can make a "hit" record more so then KL does. Fan of both tho.
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    Both are good...
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    Women control the airwaves and what's popular. Make a song for the 🤬 that talks about them and their problems, and you get fans and 🤬 agree so they can get the 🤬 . that's how Drake got in.

    Kendrick does that all the time, half of Section 80 is 🤬 I can't relate to because I'm a guy. KRIT really doesn't have the potential because his beats are too soulful and jazzy. People don't want that no more.

    I prefer KRIT by a long shot tho.
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    KRIT, even though KL is the better mc. Krit style is pretty simple and not overly complex and his voice and flow is more mainstream. KL style is an aquired taste imo, kind of how Devin the Dude style is aquired.
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    blackrain wrote: »
    i stil haven'tl gotten around to really listening to Kendrick Lamar...any songs to suggest from him?

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    Big K.R.I.T., i wish the best for both though.
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    Kendrick is a better technical rapper.....and has a bright future im my opinion.....Krit to me is the better artist....he's not too complex because he doesn't have to be to get his point across. Not sure if either of them will "blow" though.....neither of them seem to make the usual "swag" pop bubblegum songs...neither of them have a team to attach themselves too....ie...good music, mmg, ym, roc nation.....but i guess that's why im a fan of theirs more so than other artist....they are standing on their own two feet without MAYJOR cosigns....well i guess Dre did cosign Kendrick but its not like any of the music he has put out has had Dre on it so.....
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    I think I'ma have to break down and listen to that kendrick lamar tape... I 🤬 with KRIT, dude is my favorite new artist
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    Neither will probably blow up unfortunately. They make really good music though. But I enjoy Kendrick's music a lot more. So I'm rooting for Kendrick.