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LE Tournament #3 Round Two - Fazeem Blackall vs. sniperk

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Fazeem Blackall vs. sniperk


Check in by Saturday, July 30, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.
Verses are due by Monday, August 1, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.
Voting will end on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.

These due dates are final. Beware: 1 minute late will result in a DQ.
Due dates will be extended only when the site goes down.

Please Read The Rules
-Verses must be 16 lines. 15 is not enough. 17 is too much.
-Only 1 round.
-First to 3 votes wins. Only the official voters will count. They are: jamacia, hlf, WallH, sionb55 & Young-Ice
-All votes MUST be explained.
-NO FEEDING! (Feeding is when you let your opponent drop first, then you use their lines against them in your verse; when you flip their lines on them)
-BITING is an instant disqualification. (Biting is when you copy other lyrics in a plagiaristic form.)

Finally, take criticism like a man. Quit trying to vote sway and explain your bars in additional posts. Remember that everyone may not agree with you. Use the Predictions/🤬 Talking Thread to voice your opinions, not this battle thread.

Good luck.


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    Check, check.
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    Open Sesame! With the Street sweeper on this Beat Streeter named Fazeema
    Not a heater but an actual street cleaner... I'm Noxema to his Eczema
    Fazeem's face looks like he's burning with Gonorrhea, don't ever put that JPEG back
    You need to Jet like Winnipeg, Black... New York don't need another Craig Mack
    Just face the facts you fruity 🤬 , I flow straight from the gut-gut-gutter
    Oscar the Grouch up in this 🤬 with phonics phatter than Ruben St-st-Studdard
    While Fazeem's multis and metas are more malnourished than Mama Hubbard's cupboard
    This Caucasian brother's style is smoother than yo-yo tricks and Smothers Brothers
    Hrap's not-so-undercover lover is always on the I.C. bumpin' old threads (co-sign cosine swag)
    This Bubba Gump stylin' in Pro-Keds...chump should retire since his prose is rockin' no treads
    Fazeem's lyrics lack more traction than Pac getting action from Janet Jackson
    Or Peter Jackson not getting back fat, son--Rings of Poetic Justice--I guess Pac really back, son
    'Cuz you float like Osama bin Laden and fight like the Dalai Lama
    While Sniper stings like Barack Hussein Obama fighting budgetary drama
    I swear on Fazeem Blackall's four chilrens and all dem baby mama's mamas
    That a WHITE BOY is the all-time best rapper... how's that for crazy karma?
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    Surprised Fazeem ain't checked in yet. Less than 2 hours left.
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    He knows it's over for him...
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    Yo sniperk, great verse. Sorry it had to go to waste. I thought Fazeem would check in seeing as he posted in the 🤬 Talkin thread after this thread was made.
    Rules are rules. Fazeem DQ'd by no-show. sniperk moves on.
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