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New Change-Up Red Band Trailer Lands

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New Change-Up Red Band Trailer Lands
Warning: naughty jokes within
28 July 2011 | Written by James White | Source: Break

While many of you might still need some convincing that the world truly needs another body swap comedy, at least The Change-up has some solid names both behind and in front of the camera, with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman starring. As the release date rushes ever close, another Red Band trailer (i.e. with naughty words and rude jokes – so don’t show it to granny) has arrived online and can be watched below.

The film finds Bateman as Dave, a settled, happily married but harried father of two who is envious of his pal Mitch’s (Reynolds) playboy life. But guess what! Turns out Mitch is actually looking to settle down. One night, the pair are peeing in a fountain after a few drinks and they make a wish that they could swap lives. Because you couldn’t have a film of this type if it didn’t happen, presto change-o!

Hopefully this one will prove to be a winner, with this latest promo containing a few solid chuckles. And with Reynolds and Bateman leading a cast that also includes Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann and Alan Arkin plus Wedding Crashers man David Dobkin directing a script from Hangover writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, there are reasons to be hopeful…

The Change-Up will find its way into our cinemas on August 5.

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