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Instrumentals To Relieve Stress

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Anytime I experience any emotion in life, I usually always relate it to my music. I produce hip-hop/r&b/electronic. Listening to my beats, you'll see that I don't make many original beats that sound generic or commercial. My beats are true to who I am and are simply my emotions translated into music. I've willingly and almost unnoticeably built up a huge catalog of instrumentals.

I feel that the best music is the release of raw emotion. Whether it's making beats, rapping, singing, or playing an instrument.. music can always sooth the soul :cool:

http://CalebSarikey.com <--- my instrumentals


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    thank you for stopping by to share with us, but ummmm.. this is the wrong forum.. we have a beat forum, you might wanna share your creativity with them over there..

    but we can probably use some of those beats to write too, depending if anyone is feeling it..

    again thank you for visiting waiting to exhale. peace.