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This Team most disrespectful team of all time. In a good way. *Video*

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The Lakers 90s (Eddie Jones, Nick, Kobe, Shaq).

They didnt give a damn what the coach said, what the gameplan was, or what the fundamental play should be. You have Nick out there throwing floaters to the rafters, lobs from halfcourt, shoving refs, loudly arguing with the coach on national TV with Shaq dunking on guys and shoving them out of bounds then acting suprised when they get up and throw the ball at him. Meanwhile Kobe was in full "Turn my swag on" mode breaking ankles, jumping up and stealing lobs clearly thrown to Eddie Jones, and already disregarding Shaq now and then to go one on one despite shooting 42 and 43% his first 2 years. And Eddie? Im sure he didnt mean it to be insulting but some of the things he did were just rude. This guy came down the court on the break and took off from a step inside the 3 point line for a layup...which he made. Not the Ft line. He took off from about one step past the 3 point line and put it in. The 🤬 is that? And then of course the famous dunk on Glen Robinson from the general area of the FT line. This guy was just getting in the vicinity of the paint and taking off with no regard for human life.

That was such a lovable team but they were also so easy to hate. They were good for the NBA though. Id swap out the current lakers for them in a second. Even knowing the 09 Lakers won it all I think the 98 Lakers would be better if only for Shaq. By potential....one night? They might be as talented as any team ever. That team had so many weapons...guys who could win the game on their own...I think they could matchup with any team ever...on one night. Over 7 games a great team destroys them but them at their best could play with anyone to ever step on the court.

If they were not the rudest most vicious team of all time...who was? The 80s Celtics were up there. They didnt care if you lived or died. Badboys of course. The 88-90 Knicks. mark Jackson had them at a high level of not giving a 🤬 . But there are not many who can stand with this team from a lack of human decency standpoint.


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