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how are you planinng to prepare for doomsday?

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I'm watching this show on nat.geo about families planing in case doomsday happens. Do you have any plans when and if that day comes soons?


  • fiat_money
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    Nah, 🤬 a myth.
  • @My_nameaintearl
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    you aint got a bug out bag, fiat?
  • fiat_money
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    you aint got a bug out bag, fiat?

    At one point, I was thinking something like that could be convenient, but I just do not give a 🤬 .
  • IceManKam
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    If its predicted accurately, Ima party up the day with most people. But if its not predicted accurately, Ima live my life.
  • Cabana_Da_Don
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    The problem is what if someone wanted to happen.Dont give any ideias.
  • Mindstarter
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    I just plan on being or tyring to be with my family...I dont have problems with dying & im not scared of "doomsday"...besides why would anyone want to survive doomsdays....whatca gonna do afterwards...party?
  • hh1234
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    i been thinking about this for a while but real talk what can i do? if u aint rich enuff to survive than you u just dont.at the end of the day the only ones who have a shot are the ones in power.so me i'm just gona chill wit the fam,blaze me the biggest one i could possibly roll and say 🤬 it.
  • Idiopathic Joker
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    If doomsday really happens, aint a 🤬 thing in the world gonna save ya
  • American.Loo
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    besides stocking up on redbox dvd's,nothing really.

    when sh*t gets real, i'm kickin in my neighbors door.

    his wife stay holding him down with the groceries.
  • longmeat
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    Porn, wings, and liquor. Gonna get 🤬 , give myself carpal tunnel, then just zone out
  • So ILL
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    I'm gonna make me some nachos and lemonade, then sit on the porch and chill.....
  • im_lux
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    I hope ya'll 🤬 is thinking about batteries lighters and flashlights too ain't gone be no power.
  •   Colin$mackabi$h
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    aint much to do but run
  • HustleTree
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    I jus hope the weedman still on deck.

    lmao....true 🤬 story
  • Mister B.
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    ice_cold wrote: »
    aint much to do but run

    Like that will help....
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