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big l >>>>> eminem

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L's a rebel, on a higher level, go get a shovel
Cause I'm the only son of the 🤬 devil
It's a fact I'm living foul, black
🤬 should have known I was sick from the 🤬 I did a while back
Cause being bad I couldn't stop
When I was in pre-school, I beat a kid to death with a wooden block
🤬 🤬 I was back slapping
I realized that every time I got mad something bad happened
A 🤬 hit me with a can of beer, then he ran in fear
Later they found him hanging from a chandelier
Enemies I be bucking quick
My moms know who I am because she know who she was 🤬 with
On my skull the 666, no tricks
When I catch fits, my mom picks up the crucifix
And I 🤬 chumps for the cheapest price
I'm rolling with Satan, not Jesus Christ
Enemies I got several done
Big L straight from hell, the 🤬 Devil's Son

big l is so much sicker with rhyme schemes
then eminem