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19 year old up and coming rapper

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Hey everyone,
I'm new to the forums and this website seems great. A lot better then other ones I have been on.
I'm a 19 year old rapper trying to get my story out. Hip Hop has been the biggest part of my life.
Everything I rap about is real, and a reflection of my life, and everything I've been though.
For more information on me check out my official youtube page at:

Here is a song that is going to be featured on my first upcoming project(lyrics in video description on youtube):

Please check me out if you have the time. I'm not just talking all that 🤬 . Please listen before you judge.
Thank You
Glad to be apart of the forum:)


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    I like it man ur real hip hop speakin real stuff keep it real and keep it up man ima 18 year old up and coming rapper and ur one of the best ive seen thats up and coming let me know when ur mixtape hits i wanna get that 🤬 , peace.
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    Real ish bruh! You definitely got the lyrics/delivery down, keep that up & you'll get somewhere.
  • thekdotg
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    Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot. I have dropped a couple new songs since then if you guys like those you should check out this one:

    Thanks again for the love. I hear a lot of people talk all that big stuff but for real rap is all I got and I'm working hard to try and get my first project out. Wish you all the best.