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Tweet - Turn The Lights Off (The Best Song I heard That WASNT a Hit)

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Before Tweet meant saying dumb random 🤬 in 140 caracthers or less it was a rising R&B singer affiliated with Missy Elliot and Timbaland. She had a big hit OOPS OH MY in 2002 covering the taboo topic of 🤬 which went #1 R&B and and #7 Pop followed up with another decent single in CALL ME. #9 R&B! The Southern Hummingbird Album featured some Neo Soul tunes like Smoking Ciggarettes and some guest spots like Bilal! and i loved that record.

But by 2004 with the success of Ciara it seems her mentor Missy and the public straight riding the train of the first lady of Crunk R&B and Tweet delivered a follow up in 2005 with Its Me Again and the lead single TURN THE LIGHTS OFF.. it barely charted on the R&B charts and didnt on the pop chart and she was cast off and forgotten! its a shame because Tweet got some good stuff in her archives and this single was HOT!!!

so since it didnt get its due im gonna give it a spin for those who missed it 6 years ago!! enjoy!!!

I miss Tweet