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Petey Lee - "Better Days" up & coming Pittsburgh rapper, new music video!

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*Lyrics* [Verse 1: Pete Lee]
I'm old enough to know better young enough to not give a sh**/
Rather fight on my feet and die than live life on my knees and quit/
And every day's a gift, so lift your spirit high/
And why waste time tryna fit in, when you were born to shine/
I rise and grind still tryna find a sign from 🤬 , i'm soo unsigned/
With these rhymes of mine, a divine design the way my flow turns water into wine/
And if love is blind, then what i see inside of you my eyes can't define/
Cause what's in my heart weighs heavy on mind, how am i supposed to let go if i was left behind?!/
So i'm back at it like a 🤬 addict, not for the dimes tho they so fine/
We deep in the game i release my pain n i'm getting more brain than Einstein/
My subconsciousness is bottomless with an oppulence of confidence/
So alive and revived and i'm still transforming into my Prime like Optimus/
I'm bombing sh**, like Obama did to Libya without the politics/
Spend our money to 🤬 the innocent but don't wanna fix or end home and joblessness!/
For the populace, i'm jus a novelist and i'ma give you my all i promise this/
Spread my voice across the continents til i'm dead after the apocalypse/

feedback much appreciated, thank you allhiphop