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Latest Abduction Trailer Online

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Latest Abduction Trailer Online
Run, Taylor, run!
12 August 2011 | Written by James White | Source: Apple

What would you do if you discovered that your entire life was a lie and you might actually be a vital asset developed by forces within the CIA and hidden away in suburbia? If you spend your life working in a joke dog poo factory or picking up litter, chances are you’ll be quite pleased at the change of scenery. But if you’re Abduction's Nathan Price (Taylor Lautner), you’ll soon learn that it’s not quite as fun as it sounds. You can see why in the trailer over at Apple.

Unlike the first promo, which explored a little bit more of Nathan’s life as a teenager before launching into the action portion of the entertainment, this one dispatches his previous life with a couple of nods and some title cards, then kicks into high gear. Nathan, you see, is being hunted by various groups and he’s soon on the run/jump/fight/run again from nefarious forces, dragging along a girl he likes (Lily “daughter of Phil” Collins) for good measure.

Take a look at the trailer and let us know your thoughts…

With John Singleton calling the shots, Abduction is out on September 30.



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    I was so ready to dismiss this 🤬 cuz of the Twilight tinkerbell in it but it actually seems aiiight.

    One of the few flicks I won't be annoyed with if my kid wants me to take her to see it.