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Having An Agent, Is It Ideal?

chickenman11 Members Posts: 151
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Do you have to have an agent to become an inspiring actor or actress?
For example I would like to audition for a lead role one of these days in a movie but must I get an agent first to get me an audition.. I really don't feel like paying that sucker money after my gigs lool. speak on it


  • DarkGable
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    Eventually you'll need one if you plan on doin it big. If you get to a certain level, you can forego an agent like Christian Bale has. He takes his calls directly and is one of the few that can do it that way.

    An agent gets info on the auditions, so you need them in the beginning to even be seen in most cases. I'm talking TV and film here. You may not like the idea of paying someone to open the door for you, they are they the ones that show you where that door is.
  • chickenman11
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    Hey Thanks a lot Darkgable
  • opiie562
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    you ever watch Entourage?? you see the character of Ari Gold...you see how he pulls strings for up and coming actors....it's a tough business and being comfortable with an agent would help you, as they always know the inside scoop of what's going on in Hollywood, which auditions are coming up, and they put in the work for you to be seen...