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Scott Directing New Blade Runner Entry!

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Scott Directing New Blade Runner Entry!
Yup, it's on...
18 August 2011 | Written by James White | Source: Deadline

Here’s something we bet you won’t have seen coming. While there has been plenty of chatter recently about a new Blade Runner film, be it prequel, sequel or whatever, now comes the slightly shocking word from Deadline that no lesser man than original Runner director Ridley Scott has signed on to craft and produce the new instalment.

At this early stage, the details are still fuzzy beyond Scott’s involvement. There’s no writer attached yet and zero story info. In fact, there’s no sign as to whether this will represent a follow-up to the original film or something more along the lines of Scott’s current project, the Alien-adjacent prequel Prometheus.

Another big question is whether Harrison Ford will be involved as hard-bitten future detective Rick Deckard, though the idea of Scott and Ford collaborating once more to bring another chapter of the man’s life to the screen is certainly an enticing prospect.

Still, there’s always the danger of making a mistake by trying to replicate (pun intended) what made the original into a memorable cult hit that flopped when it opened originally but has, of course, grown to become a legend of the genre. Alcon Entertainment nabbed the rights to the Blade Runner concepts this past March and announced the intent to produce new films based on the 1982 original.

With Scott involved, we’re more hopeful that something good can now come of this, though still waiting to see what happens. Deckard in 3D? Could happen, given how Prometheus is being shot…