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Christian Slater....Never seen him again.

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Wtf happened to him....Imma get no responce.


  • S.jR.
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    Saw him in an episode of Entourage a week ago.. and he was given a show on ABC twice.. one got cancelled and i think the other one is about to start? idk
  • dogfromduckhunt
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    Had a show earlier this year, Breaking In. Heard it was a good one, but didn't pull the numbers FOX wanted so it got cancelled. It might still get a second season though. looking at the imdb page, dude doing nothing but working. cast on soldiers of fortune looks pretty good. doubt it'd be a big theater release though.
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    I think choosing to many bad scripts stunt his growth and potential.
  • American.Loo
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    he was suppossed to be an A-Lister not sure what happend